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With over 5,000 readers a WEEK, The Tab UWE is the only place to get your latest campus news and gossip.

We’ve been bringing you all the must-know info for almost a year now, and now it’s your chance to get involved.

Write for us and you'll be invited to our legendary summer party

Write for us and you’ll be invited to our legendary summer party

We’ve broken massive stories, including the porn film shot on UWE campus, the student who got the quadratic formula tattooed on his arse, and the freshers who got stuck in a lift earlier this term.

Our writers have had their stories make it into the national papers, and we offer them the opportunity to get work placements at the likes of Mail on Sunday, The Times, and Buzzfeed.

One of these people has been published in the Telegraph

One of these people has been published in the Telegraph

You don’t need any experience (you don’t even need to want to be a journalist after you graduate), we just want fun and enthusiastic people to join our team.

Joining The Tab gives you a huge advantage if you want to go into journalism, just look at their alumni.

Uniquely we have a London bureau (okay it’s an office) who’re on hand to help, so don’t worry if you don’t know where to start.

They also throw the biggest parties, which you’ll be invited to if you write for us.

Don't worry, the drinks are free

Don’t worry, the drinks are free

We’re recruiting for writers for next semester in:

  • News
  • Features
  • Argument
  • Fashion

The deadline is Wednesday, December 10th.

Successful applicants will be contacted shortly after.

To apply for a position, email editor@tab.co.uk with the section you’re applying for and two ideas for Tab articles.

If you would like more information or have any questions, drop us an email.


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